The BUSINESS of Art, Culture and Entertainment (let’s include Sport in here as well) on the African continent is one that has long been “downplayed”. When I was growing up, aspiring to be an artist or soccer player was frowned upon, as “being an artist” was not considered a “profession” but a hobby. Where exactly this notion came from, I do not know – probably some ill-conceived tradition. Perhaps this is the result of the value and beauty of many of our artefacts being sold to us as “undesirable”. In the meantime these items were carried off to Europe and America and now adorn museums and art-galleries. Similarly, our practices and traditions were frowned upon as “barbaric” or “pagan” and a warped west-glorifying version of Christianity was advocated in their stead.

Whatever the reason, I know some gifted painters, photographers or musicians who were obliged to first spend some miserable years as an accounting student before “rebelling” and defiantly pursuing their passion.

Businesses in the domain of Art, Culture, Entertainment and Sport are still not very main-stream. I suppose this is due to the fact that the LSMs that would participate aren’t in the majority. In other words, it’s impossible to consider spending copious amounts of money on art while you’re still worried about “bread”. Never-the-less, there are thriving businesses and entrepreneurs from Africa who are either flourishing in certain countries or “exporting” to the West. As the LSM increases in countries around the continent, we will also see more and more afropreneurs follow their passion and purpose into the “Lifestyle industry”.

At Unmask Africa, we assist afropreneurs interested in Lifestyle related industries to succeed by ensuring, objectively, that their businesses are viable, well-capitalised and sustainable.

At Unmask Africa, we help you to:

  1. Identify suitable businesses in countries on the African continent in which to invest
  2. Conduct market research and risk analysis
  3. Find suitable local partners OR set up your company/investment vehicle/Operation
  4. Ensure your venture is sustainable and future-proof
  5. Improve your bottom-line
  6. Rate your venture

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