The Generosity of Nigeria – A history lesson for South Africa



The Xenophobic incidents in South Africa against Nigerian and other African nationals (more here) have sparked a flurry of activity in the Twitter-verse, on Instagram and Facebook and strained South Africa -Nigeria relations. We thought that we would provide some historical facts – for those that may have forgotten. Facts that prove that Nigeria is a friend to South Africans, not a foe. We have had numerous phone-calls from many honest, law-abiding Nigerian (and other nationals). They have lost EVERYTHING they built in South Africa in these latest attacks. 10 years (for some even more than this) of sweat and toil have gone up in smoke. In solidarity with many African entrepreneurs based in South Africa, it’s time to set the record straight!

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Born in Zambia, but residing in Johannesburg, Chipego Himonga is passionate about the African Continent. Having spent a decade in the Petroleum industry (Chevron), he finally decided to "give Entrepreneurship a go". He is currently based in Côte d'Ivoire as co-founder and director of Promont Group an agri-centric business and Phoenix Property Investments - a property development house. He studied law at the University of Cape Town to Masters level (Maritime and Shipping Law).

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