The African continent is rife with opportunity. Many however are skittish when it comes to venturing “out there” to seek opportunities. At Unmask Africa, we know that the future is African. We have experienced our fair share as afropreneurs – most of it good. On this site, we are seeking to “debunk” many of the myths that taint the continent and – if we are successful – open the mind of entrepreneurs to the endless possibilities available as the continent develops. What was once the ugly duckling of the business world is emerging as a lucrative investment prospect as Chinese companies and entrepreneurs begin to take more and more of the continent by storm and European and North American/Canadian companies continue to tap into its resources. We are calling out the African entrepreneurs! The market is yours to lose.

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At Unmask Africa, we help you to:

  1. Identify suitable countries on the African continent in which to invest
  2. Conduct market research and risk analysis
  3. Find suitable local partners OR set up your company/investment vehicle
  4. Ensure your venture is sustainable and future-proof
  5. Improve your bottom-line
  6. Rate your venture

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