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At Unmask Africa our vision is “to create an affluent and interconnected Africa through afropreneurship – the evolution of sustainable and game-changing African corporates”.

Here’s what we are about in a nutshell: AFROPRENEURSHIP – uplifting the African continent through the establishment of African corporations and “multiplying” entrepreneurs. Our mission is to alleviate poverty and suffering that plagues the African continent through business. This is not just about making money or even helping people make money.

Africa is crying out for entrepreneurial leaders & for leaders who are entrepreneurial

Onyi Anyado

In this context, it means a little more. It acknowledges the responsibility towards the people of this continent. Not only are we are about helping people build SUSTAINABLE and FUTURE-FOCUSED businesses, but we also ensure that businesses:

  1. invest in the continent and add value to raw materials;
  2. are socially responsible and have a focus on rural development;
  3. employ Africans from the community in which they are established;
  4. Reshape the way employees THINK about themselves and their worth;
  5. transfer leadership skills to employees to enable them, in turn, to transfer these skills further and/or become entrepreneurs themselves.

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