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Unmask Africa’s COVID-19 tracker.

Last updated: Monday, 05th May 2020 at 13:30 pm

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Cases: 47,927 in Africa

There is a total of 3,596,142 COVID-19 cases globally. Of this figure, 2,176,433 (60.52%) are active cases; 251,718 (7.00%) fatalities and 1,167,991 (32.48%) recoveries have been recorded. These fatalities are from 187 of the 216 countries, dependencies and other territories with cases.

The virus – which started early December in Wuhan, China – was named a pandemic on 11th March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

COVID-19 tracker in African countries

Interactive map of the COVID-19 tracker below.

Africa has registered an overall of 47,927 cases, 29,868 (62.32%) active cases, 16,209 (33.82%) recoveries and 1,850 (3.86%) fatalities. 53 of the continent’s 58 countries, dependencies and other territories have confirmed infections. The highest number of infections are in South Africa (7,220), which is followed by Egypt (6,813) and Morocco (5,053).

African countries

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*Countries, dependencies and other territories not having a case, recovery and fatality.

COVID-19 data from Reuters Graphics and John Hopkins University. Population data from Worldometer. Data visualisation by Gaby Ndongo.

Reporting by Gaby Ndongo. Editing by Kupa Kambasha. Feature image by Markus Spiske from Pexels.

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