Africa is primed for an industrial revolution. More and more states are realising that the African continent can no longer afford to export raw materials and buy bag finished goods at a huge mark-up. The time has come for “Afropreneurs” to build asset-based, sustainable, well-run and ethical businesses that will be conglomerates in time for our great-grandchildren to internships at those very same companies.

“Younger people are always in a hurry to do things. They want to become billionaires in two years, but in another two years, they collapse. That is why I always advise business people that only time allows you to [get there].”

Mike Mlombwa, (source:

At Unmask.Africa we firmly believe that the sectors or industries that will take this continent forward (besides construction of course which will be a constant for the next 100+ years) are Agri-production businesses – beneficiating agricultural produce, ICT and innovative developments in the Financial industry. Yes, we will keep on benefitting from mining, provided we move to more beneficiation in that industry as well, but the next big things will be happening in those sectors.

A production business, on this site, denotes any business that adds value to a raw material as opposed to selling it in its raw or natural state. We are going to punt such businesses with everything we’ve got. They are the future and they are part of the solution to the “African problem”. If you are from Africa, and you run an African production business, give us a shout! We will drop everything to support you and make sure you grow.

See our analysis of the state of the continent vis-a-vis the different primary sectors:

At Unmask Africa, we help you to:

  1. Identify suitable businesses in countries on the African continent in which to invest
  2. Conduct market research and risk analysis
  3. Find suitable local partners OR set up your company/investment vehicle/Operation
  4. Ensure your venture is sustainable and future-proof
  5. Improve your bottom-line
  6. Rate your venture

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