The term “services” is fairly broad and can include pretty much anything. Here however we want to focus on “essential” services: Financial, Healthcare, Education and Sanitation. These are, in our view, where the most opportunities exist across the continent (taken as a whole). There are obviously some countries that are better off than others in certain areas, but generally there is still a lot to be done in most sub-saharan countries north of South Africa. We exclude South Africa here, because we consider that market to be saturated and any market entry will require significant investment to be meaningful – far more than other African countries that is.

At Unmask Africa, we help you to:

  1. Identify suitable businesses in countries on the African continent in which to invest
  2. Conduct market research and risk analysis
  3. Find suitable local partners OR set up your company/investment vehicle/Operation
  4. Ensure your venture is sustainable and future-proof
  5. Improve your bottom-line
  6. Rate your venture

Share Your Experience OR Register a Business OR Become an Afropreneur

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