“MOTM” or “Mompara of the Month” (also Mampara of the Month) is our newest feature where we get to “throw shade” at someone for a prime-time “blooper” or moronic statement made about the African continent in general or a specific country in Africa in particular.

mompara/mɒmˈpɑːrə – DEROGATORY • SOUTH AFRICAN noun: mampara slang for a “buffoon” or a “fool”.

To qualify as the MOTM, the individual or company has to meet the following criteria:

  1. The person must say something detrimental about or on behalf of the African continent and/or any of its countries
  2. This blooper must be public or in the public domain
  3. That’s It.

This is going to be fun!  To participate and nominate your own Mompara of the month, email us Follow #mamparaofthemonth or #momparaofthemonth on Twitter and IG.

The obvious choice for the Mampara of the month (MOTM) award for May 2020 is Derek Chauvin – the criminal Read more
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The “prestigious” Mampara of the month (MOTM) award for January 2020 goes to South Africa’s business tycoon and billionaire Patrice Read more
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