Lessons from Chef Bamba


Everyday experiences often provide the best teaching moments! So we decided to put together a series called “lessons from Chef Bamba”. Chef Bamba is a real person, who will probably never read this in his life as he is a 50-something illiterate chef that looked after me for the first year-or-so of my stint in Duékoué (a rural town in the West of Côte d’Ivoire). It was a interesting relationship that yielded many lessons – for both of us. This is a compilation of the insights gained from that experience.

Caveat: Not all of the posts will NECESSARILY be about Chef Bamba.. (It’s metaphoric to represent lessons about entrepreneurship and business from everyday situations or observations). It’s light-hearted, so take in that spirit – or don’t.

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Born in Zambia, but residing in Johannesburg, Chipego Himonga is passionate about the African Continent. Having spent a decade in the Petroleum industry (Chevron), he finally decided to "give Entrepreneurship a go". He is currently based in Côte d'Ivoire as co-founder and director of Promont Group an agri-centric business and Phoenix Property Investments - a property development house. He studied law at the University of Cape Town to Masters level (Maritime and Shipping Law).

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