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Liberia is a country with historical ties to the United States since it was founded by freed black slaves before the Underground Railroad, American Civil War era of the nineteenth century. The capital, Monrovia, was named after James Monroe. Liberia’s flag closely resembles the American flag, reflecting the historical ties between the two countries.

A letter of invitation and a yellow fever vaccination certificate are necessary to apply for a Liberian visa. A for American citizens 3-month visa costs US$131, for all others the fee is US$100. One, two & three year multiple-entry visas are also available. The embassy in Conakry has been moved out of town to the town of Kipe. At the Freetown embassy, service is “next day” and hassle-free. They will stamp the duration of your stay in your passport when traveling overland so be sure not to give too few days when asked or else you will have to go to the immigration office on Broad Street in Monrovia to extend your visa for US$20 (though they will probably ask for more).

Roberts International Airport (ROB IATA) (often called Roberts International Airport or RIA) is located some 60 km from the city center of Monrovia at Robertsfield.

Ethiopia Airlines has flights from Addis Ababa. Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca and Freetown. Brussels Airlines from Brussels and Freetown KLM from Amsterdam and Freetown. Kenyan airways from Nairobi and Accra. Air Cote d Ivoire from Abidjan. Arik Air from Freetown and Lagos.

The trip from the airport to the city was once infamous. Today, the situation has improved significantly with the restoration of peace and order. The road is now fully protected by UNMIL and safe.


For main-stream accommodation, $150-$200 will get you accommodated at the Hilton Garden Inn near the Airport. Many other local options are available, but we recommend checking in with us for suitable accommodation for your price-budget.

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